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Buddy StrawberryGeneral - Buddy Strawberry

Buddy is our newest everbearing variety fast tracked through the trialling stage.  This great tasting berry has it all; yield, shelf life and flavour. The development of Buddy marks a change in the way everbearers have been viewed over the last ten years. The emphasis for everbearing varieties has been high yield and long shelf life, but flavour has not always been exceptional.  Buddy delivers a flavour to the consumer with a profile which is remarkably similar to a traditional Junebearer delivering continuous supply throughout the UK season. 

Yield & Seasonality

Buddy will start fruiting in the second week of July, just like one of its parents Diamante, both fruiting peaks are so close to each other that it will seem like Buddy just keeps going right through until October. Buddy has a good yield and will generate fewer berries per truss but more trusses; this allows it to get a better class one as each berry counts.

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Fruit quality:

Buddy is a firm berry offering excellent shelf life. It is large red and glossy, everything a strawberry should be. The skin has excellent strength lending itself to better shelf life and maintaining the glossy look for longer. Buddy has a large but traditional shape, with a small light green calyx, which tends to bend away from the berry. The Brix is 10.2% on average.

How to grow Buddy:

Good news here, Buddy is resistant to most common soil borne diseases though this is still being tested, plus Buddy has a useful resistance to powdery mildew (Podosphaera aphanis).